Friday, 17 December 2010

What bags are H-O-T and what bags are N-O-T!

Hate it or Love it – this season is all about having the right designer bag! With everyone coming out with their new xmas collections we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on what bags are HOT and what bags are NOT.

No.1. LV Eva Clutch: Defiantly H-O-T
Petite, elegant and affordable! This £345 bag is brilliant for the day as a messenger bag or a clutch for the evening. The brown LV print goes with everything making it easy to accessorise with and the gold chain gives it the xmas bling that every bag needs! And if thats not enough, the bag comes in a number of different prints! Go get it girls or even better- get your boyfriend to get it for you :p I got mine a month ago and I've been wearing it EVERYWHERE ....... LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! 

No.2. Lady Dior Cannage Bag:  Defiantly N-O-T
It looks damn sexy in the magazines and when I first saw it I thought it was love at first sight BUT up close and personal this bag looks like something your grandmother would carry. The material is hard, its’ not easy to carry and to be honest, its’ quite heavy! The handles are too small to even get my tiny hands into and it’s seriously over prices! Defiantly a No No girls- sorry!

No. 3 Mulburry Bayswater – N-O-T
There seems to be a sudden Mulberry boom. Every other girl on the street appears to been carrying one but is it because it’s HOT or because it’s expensive? Remember girls, just because it’s expensive doesn't mean it’s stylish. This Mulburry bag has become as ordinary as the common cold. The black/brown shoulder bag is good for work or going shopping but defiantly not for xmas time... and in my opinion, IT’S BLOODY BORING!!! If you start the year with a boring bag you’re doomed to have a boring year! I wouldn't risk it if I were you... 

No.4 LV Epi Leather Alma: H-O-T
If Blair Waldorf has it – So should you! It’s the bag of the season. If you’re stylish, dress the part and are always up to date with the newest couture fashion trends then this bag is for YOU! Although, not everyone can pull this one off. This sexy shaped, beautiful leather and graceful bag is to bring out the celebrity in you. Once again, the silver finish makes it ideal for an elegant Christmas dinner or a lavish new year’s party.. BUT it will only be appreciated in the right crowd so make sure u carefully pick the party you want to take it to... 

No.5 LV Monogram Vernis Sundet BLVD: H-O-T
This has to be my favourite bag of the season! Not only is it well-designed, comfortable to hold and a perfect slim shape but it also comes in 6 different colours. I would buy all 6 if I could! Encrusted in Monogram Vernis patent leather, it comes across as a two tone bag with gorgeous gold work which goes flawlessly with every colour the bag comes in. The 9.4" x 4.7" x 1.2" bag is perfect in every way and for every occasion! I suggest you go buy it asap before its goes out of stock..

I’ve got mine- I think it’s about time you got yours! 


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